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Learn about Eileen Grubba’s latest activities.



Inspiring Lives

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Ability Magazine

Seize the D.A.E.

Inspiring Lives Magazine



The Missing Piece:
Coping with Grief

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by Kate Batten
Chapter by Eileen Grubba

Available at Amazon

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Available at Amazon

by Kate Batten

Foreward by Eileen Grubba

Becoming an Exceptional Leader

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Mobility & Inclusion: It’s Time to ACT!

by Harout Markarian Featuring Eileen Grubba

Available at Amazon

Eileen Grubba is full of passion, strength, and determination in her compassionate drive to create a more inclusive world. Whether scheduling her for a speaking engagement or an interview, she is sure to deliver a heart-opening and connecting message that unifies the audience. Her personal story of overcoming adversity and many obstacles resonates with everybody’s hero journey and quest for meaning and purpose in life. She leaves the audience rejuvenated and inspired.

Sheila Sornsin

The Grateful Goddess Arizona Wellness Alliances


STRIVE Magazine
“Bring in the Game-Changers!”

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When we are in real trouble, who do we turn to? As kids, perhaps we turn to parents and teachers. As adults, we turn to mentors, elders, veterans and experts in the field, people who...

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Actress Eileen Grubba —motivational speaker, life coach, and advocate for Performers with Disability (PWD) — has always beaten the odds...

Emmy Magazine

Member Profile

Forbes Magazine

“After Battling Decades Of Discrimination, Actress/Producer Fights For Future Talent”

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2019 was Eileen Grubba’s year.  New Amsterdam on NBC. Watchmen on HBO. Swat on CBS. All Rise on CBS—  all popular television shows where Grubba was hired to...

If Eileen Grubba’s name isn’t familiar, there’s a reason. She’s built a strong television career playing edgy characters in shows like Game of Silence, Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds, Bones, SWAT...

Ability Magazine

Eileen Grubba Issue

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Be the Cool Kid

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Be the cool kid. Eileen Grubba shares childhood experience of bullying for Virtual School Assembly. 

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Interview with - Eileen Grubba Actress | Producer | Writer | Director

Buzz Talk Live

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Meet the Biz, Part I

Eileen interviewed by Producer David Zimmerman--Performing Arts Studio West

Meet the Biz, Part II

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Eileen interviewed by Producer David Zimmerman  w/ Special Guest Barbara Bain


Eileen Grubba on welcoming our Game Changers

Women In Business by Red Laces

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Detroit Debut 'USA' Show Featuring Hollywood Star Eileen Grubba

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