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Next-Level Consulting

Change your game and bring your true power to the table.


Sessions with Eileen Grubba

Experience the energy and the presence that Eileen Grubba displays during her speaking engagements.  Entertainment executives, law enforcement organizations, and corporate events alike have been inspired by her stories and insights.

Need guidance for your entertainment career? Coaching for an important audition? A breakthrough expanding your acting resume? Feel like the odds are stacked against you? Need help standing up to your challenges? Finding your purpose? On the verge of giving up and don’t know what to do? Need help believing in YOU? 


Whether you are starting a new career, considering a major life change, facing illness, fighting cancer, post-surgical rehabilitation, disability, or any scary life challenge, Eileen will help you find your next steps, and the courage to take them. You will learn what it takes to keep going from a master of navigating adversity. When you do not see a way out and need a new perspective, or want a coach who can bring out the best in you, book some time with Eileen Grubba: Actress, Writer, Producer, Advocate & Survivor. 

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Available by phone or videoconference.

*For information about ongoing sessions and courses, fill out the contact form.

Ms. Grubba's interview at our Trailblazing Conference inspired our audience, both in-house and virtually around the world.  Eileen' s work ethic is exemplary for anyone desiring to be successful in any career of choice! We are thankful, and the broader community is also thankful for her talent, her grit, and her leadership! 

Boaz & Minerva Santiago

Founders, PicEin Works

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