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DavidPFranceTV - Eileen Grubba - Actress, Disability Advocate, Emmy® Nomination Voting Discussion

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Dramatic Series - NBC's New Amsterdam "Good Soldiers" Episode - Los Angeles

For his 31st interview, David speaks with actress and disability advocate Eileen Grubba from Houston, Texas Eileen informs us that she is on the pre-nomination ballet for an Emmy® television award. That means she is in consideration to be on the final list of nominees for the award under the listed as "nominated" for an Emmy®. The particular episode is called "Good Soldiers" from NBC's New Amsterdam television series. During this short interview, Eileen talks about the Emmy® Nomination process, how she learned about the role, working with television writer, producer (and former teen heartthrob Shaun Cassidy) and how she felt during the process of conveying the material. We experienced some technical difficulties during the interview, but stay with us... we get the job done! Please forward to your social media friends, family and colleagues! Get the word out! Links to the video with the featured episode are below!

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