Eileen Grubba is a leading advocate for disability inclusion, best known for her edgy characters on TV shows like the critically-acclaimed Sons of Anarchy, NBC’s Game of Silence and HBO’s Hung. She is referred to as a “force” on stage and has gained a reputation for her courageous character work. She draws from her personal experiences to create powerful characters and stories with emotional depth and compassion.  


Grubba was recently named Brand Ambassador for Global Disability Inclusion, specifically for her efforts for greater inclusion in Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry. Since 2012 she has been the celebrity spokesperson for Lynch Syndrome International, a not-for-profit charity that focuses on providing support for individuals affected by Lynch syndrome.   


Born in Anchorage, Alaska, she spent most of her childhood in Florida and currently lives in Los Angeles. While Grubba has never considered herself disabled, she has a limp caused by a virus from a vaccination she received when she was 4-years old. Doctors told her parents she would never walk and stuck her in a wheelchair.


After years of dedication and several leg surgeries, she was able to walk again and eventually made her way to the University of Florida, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BA). After moving to Atlanta to work on interior design, she was offered a modeling job and her acting career was sparked.  


She then went to the Alliance Theatre School in Atlanta, took private acting classes and started to participate in local theatre. Soon after she moved to New York and then California to pursue her acting career.  

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